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A passion for excellence in broadcast journalism...
an unwavering work ethic...
the desire to be the best in the business...

Sound like you? Sounds like us, too!

Who is LornaDave?
The LornaDave Agency is an ambitious talent representation firm whose birth in 2001 was the culmination of a long-time dream shared by two business partners. We're not the largest agency out there, but that's how we've designed it. We have all of the contacts the largest agencies have, but we give you the personal attention you deserve! This hard-working team of professionals knows how to move you up in the business because its experience in the broadcast news industry spans more than thirty years. Whether you need to improve your writing, voice quality, "look," or your connections to the right people and jobs, we at LornaDave can help. We will work with you to help place you in the job(s) you desire, and to plan your long term goals.

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