Aaron Dickens

Aaron Dickens


Aaron Dickens has over a decade of journalism experience in New York City.

He says his biggest accomplishment is doing hundreds of stories on the victims of Hurricane Sandy and making a difference in their lives.  Aaron covered the storm when it hit the East Coast and has followed up with the families in every step of the recovery process.

Whether he uses a camera or cell phone to shoot his stories, Aaron is no stranger to breaking news. He was the first reporter on the scene at a triple homicide inside a hotel on Staten Island. The incident prompted the mayor to remove homeless families from hotels citywide. Aaron has also interview several mayors, President-elect Donald Trump, and President Obama when he first campaigned in New York City.

Aaron’s first job out of college was an assistant for Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live. While attending New York University, Aaron was evacuated from his dorm for several months during the September 11th attacks. He was standing at a church blocks from the World Trade Center when the first plane hit. During his free time, Aaron enjoys crossfit, hanging out with his dog Zeus and attending community events. He is originally from Los Gatos, California.