About Us

LornaDave Agency started as a small boutique agency in 2001 and all these years later we still hold these values dear.   But LDA also competes with the biggest agencies for jobs and clients.   If you want the attention you deserve instead of being treated like anchor #72, then LDA is right for you.   If you want an agency that has access to all of the key decision makers in our business, then LDA is also right for you.  If you want personal service, once again LDA is right for you!
Quality over Quantity:
LDA is very picky about who we represent, we want quality over quantity.   LDA has clients at all levels of the business,  from the networks and top markets to medium and small markets.   The size of the market doesn’t matter to us, we want to represent outstanding journalists!  No matter what level you are at in your career LDA wants to help you grow and reach your goals. 
LDA represents between 70-90 clients.   That’s a mixture of news anchors, reporters, meteorologists, sports journalists, hosts and producers.   You won’t be included on a compilation reel sent to a news director.   You will have your own reel/link and will be one of just a handful of clients sent for a job.    In some cases you will be the only client we are pushing for a job.