Who started LornaDave Agency and when?

LornaDave Agency began accepting clients in 2001.  John Derr began the agency as he was winding down his career in television news.   John spent over twenty years in the business and worked in almost every facet of television news: news and sports anchoring and reporting, producing, editing, shooting and hosting.  John also mentored dozens of people and helped many of them land jobs in the business.

Do I sign a contract, and if so, for how long?

Our relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust, respect and passion for this business of television broadcasting.  But, given that we’re ALL professionals trying to succeed at our jobs, we do need that commitment on paper.  Our contract commits you to three years as our client, with an “out” after 18 months.

After signing, when do I begin paying for your services?

You pay nothing until you are under contract or other agreement with a new employer. 

When you respond to job openings is my work on a reel with other clients?

NEVER! Each link we submit to job openings showcases the work of ONE client and one client only.

Where have you placed some of your clients?

We’ve moved clients to all market sizes across the country from the network level to small markets. We also have clients working around the world.  For information on some of our most recent placements, check out LORNADAVE NEWS on this site.

Do you provide feedback?

Yes,  you will receive practical help on how to improve things like writing, interviewing skills, voice quality, pacing, and professionalism. Our critiques will better prepare you for your next job and beyond.

Do you have a client roster of your clients on the website like some other agencies?

No, because confidentiality is sometimes very important to our clients.   If you don’t want your News Director to know you have an agent, and that agent has published your name on their site, it just takes a quick google to find out you have an agent.

Do you charge upfront fees?

No, you never pay anything until you land a job.

Do you build my reel? 

Of course, LornaDave has built hundreds and we know what News Directors want in a reel.  News Directors often comment on the quality of the reels we build!

Why the name LornaDave?

No, LornaDave doesn’t work here. The agency’s name honors the memories of two loved ones who died over twenty years ago.