What We Do

 We will map out a path to your dream job!


The Reel:

The path to landing your dream job begins with the reel!  The reel is the most important part of a job search in our business.  You could be a phenomenal reporter or anchor, but if you don’t show it on your reel you won’t get the job you deserve.  LornaDave makes the reel that is used in your job search.  Some agents don’t make reels for their clients and that’s just crazy (and lazy!). LDA has made hundreds of reels, we know what News Directors want to see on reels because we’ve talked to them about this.  And to be perfectly honest, most people don’t do a very good job of putting together their reel.  LDA will also revise your resume and create a streamlined yet informative look at your employment history.

The Job Search:

Once the reel is ready, LornaDave Agency will get it to the hiring managers for all of the jobs that are appropriate for you.  LDA knows all of the jobs that are listed on the job sites, but LDA also has inside information about many jobs that aren’t posted.  LDA talks with many News Directors each day and we are always finding out about jobs before they are posted, and some that are never posted.  Plus, LDA clients are always passing along inside information as well.

LornaDave Agency doesn’t just send reels to News Directors, LDA follows-up on every reel that is sent out.  We want to make sure the News Director has received the reel and we want to tell them why they need to view your reel and why you are the best person for the job!

LDA’s reputation for representing the best of the best is essential in this portion of the job search. News Directors know when they get reels from LDA they should view them because of our reputation.  No agent can wave a magic wand and make a News Director want to hire you, but LDA will get you seen!  And when you are up against hundreds of people for a job that’s half the battle.


Once you get an offer it’s time to negotiate your deal.  LornaDave Agency handles all aspects of the negotiations.  LDA has negotiated hundreds of deals and we are quite successful at getting the best deals possible for our clients.  It’s not just about the money, there are other things that are just as important in the negotiations.


Even after LornaDave Agency gets you a job we are always planning for the future.  LDA thinks several years ahead so you can continue to grow and you eventually land your dream job.